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  • Over 50 pre-existing medical conditions are covered as standard
  • 24 hour Emergency Medical assistance
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Why to Get Cheap Holiday Insurance for Over 65?

Staying covered whilst travelling is important at any age but it gets even more important once people are aged over 65. Their travel insurance policy should include special options, cover pre-existing medical conditions that do not cost more than the trip itself. For that reason, there is cheap holiday insurance for people aged over 65 residing in UK, EU or EEA at Globelink International Ltd.

Take a trip you dreamed about and get the protection you need for a reasonable price.

Range of Globelink Policies for Seniors:

The choice is easy to make – if you plan taking one simple trip take single trip travel insurance; if you want it to cover some more options look at comprehensive policy, and if you wishing to travel more than once in the year than the wise choice is to take annual multi-trip policy. Cheap holiday insurance for over 65 is aimed at saving your money and allowing you to travel more.

The level of coverage differs depending on a policy. Single trip travel insurance covers:

  • Trip cancellation or curtailment and thus loss of deposit
  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation
  • Personal possessions
  • Missed departure

Comprehensive policy covers the same features as basics plus the additional ones:

  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Dynamic packaging protection
  • Travel delay
  • Delayed baggage
  • Hijack, mugging or catastrophe

Annual Multi-Trip policy covers everything mentioned above during all your trips within one year. Maximum one trip duration is 31 days for persons aged 71 years or over. The policies are designed for individuals or couples.

Knowing that older people usually have pre-existing medical conditions and thus have difficulties in finding appropriate travel insurance, we at Globelink cover a list of most common medical conditions for free with every policy.

Remember that by investing in Globelink travel insurance you invest in your own safety and peace of mind while travelling.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance is designed for people aged up to 89 travelling independently or on a package holiday with a maximum trip duration of up to 15 months.

from £21.83

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travelling more than once a year? Take as many holidays as you wish and be covered all year long! 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE if you take out the 45 days policy.

from £73.19

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Career breaker? Globetrekker? Globelink Insurance offer the budget solution for long stay journeys.

from £60.01

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