Long Stay Travel Insurance

  • 100 Adventure Activities covered for FREE!
  • Return Home Option
  • Cover for Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas
  • Trip Durations up to 15 months + 3 month extension option
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What is Long Term Travel Insurance?

Sometimes known as Long Trip Travel Insurance, or Long Stay Travel Insurance - it's specifically designed for younger travellers who are away for longer than the standard 2 week break. Let's face it, when it comes to travelling ‘the more, the better’. With that in mind, we at Globelink have designed several policies to suit travelling for longer periods of time. Including Backpacker products specifically aimed at younger travellers on long term trips, so you can stay covered for as long as you travel - up to 18 months.

Long Term Travel Insurance / Long Stay Travel Insurance Policies

  • Regular Trip Travel Insurance – Up to 60 Days
  • Annual Multi-Trip – Up to 120 Days per trip
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance – Up to 18 months
  • Backpacker Travel Insurance – Up to 18 months

How much does Long Term Travel Insurance cost?

Often travellers on a long trip need insurance on a budget. Each policy is different so you need to check that the one you chose includes what you need. Globelink provide comprehensive cover and also ‘no-frills’ options with all the essentials like medical and repatriation cover. Remember that 'cheaper' doesn't always mean better. It depends on what you need. The price of long term travel insurance will depend on many factors, including:

  • your age
  • where you are going
  • how long your trip is
  • what level of cover you want
  • whether you want any extra add-ons.

Why is Long Term Travel Health Insurance important?

Firstly Travel insurance and Health insurance aren’t the same things, so be aware of the key differences so you don’t fall victim to any surprises on your travels. Travel insurance covers unexpected, necessary emergency medical treatment, not regular, routine, or ongoing medical treatment. While, health insurance is primarily there to cover regular medical check-ups, rehabilitation and ongoing medical aftercare usually within your home country. Your Travel Insurance will protect you for unexpected medical emergencies while you are away - so it's essential to get covered.

So Why is Long Term Travel Insurance important?

You have probably spent a while planning your trip and it wont be cheap. Travel insurance is a necessary purchase to ensure you are protected against all sorts of things that could go wrong - even before you travel. You could easily end up spending much more if you have a problem while away. A missed flight may mean buying new tickets; an illness or accident will mean paying hospital bills may be costing thousands; and lost luggage wont be covered in full by the airline.

The biggest risk and expense when travelling is medical bills. No one expects to fall ill or have an accident, but being in a different environment can expose you to dramatic climate change, different water sources, very different foods and more. All these can cause a usually healthy person to become sick. Also if you are away for a long period of time, you increase the odds of something happening.

How long will long stay travel insurance cover you for?

It's usually pretty straightforward to find Travel Insurance cover for 3-4 months. But longer trips can be more tricky. Globelink covers you for up to 15 months and you can extend your policy to 18 months if you contact us before your policy expires (subject to certain conditions). Long term travel insurance is perfect if you are thinking about:

  • Going abroad to visit friends or family for a few months
  • Studying abroad
  • Taking a Gap Year
  • Working or Volunteering abroad
  • Travelling around several countries

Always check the policy you chose to ensure it will cover your reason for travel and if in doubt about a Globelink policy you can call or email us on globelink@globelink.co.uk, or globelinik@globelink.eu.

What about before you Travel?

Long Term Insurance will protect you before you travel if you purchase as soon as you have booked your trip. What happens to your dream trip if at the last moment you fall ill and are medically unfit to travel? Or if a close relative falls critically ill and you don’t want to leave them? Without insurance you could lose the money you've paid to book your trip. If you have decent cancellation cover on your policy, you may be able to claim back your pre-booked trip costs, so you can travel another time.

Long Term Travel Insurance Options

Each travel insurance policy is different and has its own specific features so check which suits you best before you buy. The following table tells you the main features of Globelink policies listed above.


  Regular Travel Insurance Annual Multi-Trip Policy Comprehensive Travel Insurance Backpacker Travel Insurance
Age  under 84 under 79 under 89

under 51

Cancellation & Curtailment

up to £2,000

up to £6,000 up to £6,000 up to £2,000
Emergency Medical & Repatriation Expenses up to £5,000,000 up to £10,000,000 up to £10,000,000

up to £5,000,000

Personal Possessions

up to £1,000

up to £3,000

up to £3,000

up to £1,000
Missed Deparure Up to £500 Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500 up to £500
Mugging, hijack, catastrophe Not insured up to £1,000 Up to £1,000 Not Insured
Travel Disruption / End Supplier Failure Not insured up to £3,000 up to £3,000

Not insured


Standard Features of all Globelink Policies

  • Cover for over 50 pre-existing medical conditions
  • Over 100 Adventure Activities for free
  • No hidden costs
  • Cover for Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas
  • Already Travelling, Post departure cover

Add-ons for your long term travel insurance cover

Globelink also offer a number of add-ons so you can customise your policy to better fit your trip. You can add extra options like:

Top Tips for choosing your long stay travel insurance

When you’re looking for your long trip travel insurance, there are a few tips to help you chose the right policy.

Shop around. Don't just look at price. The cheapest is unlikely to be the best or provide what you need

Check what's included as standard. Absolute essentials include Medical Expenses and Repatriation Cover and Cancellation and Curtailment; The rest depends on your requirements. Always check beyond clever headlines. Or you may end up paying more by the time you've added the basics you need.

Check what activities are included. Globelink cover over 100 activities and it could cost you a fortune if you need to add these. Don't risk participating in activities that aren't covered. You're more at risk of injury and could end up paying thousands in medical costs.

Check Government guidelines for you and how this impacts your insurance - especially at the moment. This is the FCDO for UK residents. It will invalidate your insurance if you travel during a legal travel ban unless you have a permitted reason.

Check all your destinations are included. Don't travel to a location that you haven't included in your cover. Geographical Area Definitions vary for each insurer - so check you chose the right option for your Long Term Travel Insurance

Choose your long stay travel insurance wisely and travel for 15 months and extend for up to 18 months. Stay safe with Globelink Travel Insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance is designed for people aged up to 89 travelling independently or on a package holiday with a maximum trip duration of up to 15 months.

from £15.69

Single Trip Travel Insurance is designed for people aged up to 89 travelling independently or on a package holiday with a maximum trip duration of up to 15 months.

  • Cancellation or Curtailment - up to £6,000 in total
  • Emergency Medical Expenses - up to £10,000,000 in total
  • Baggage - up to £3,000 in total
Insurance Product Information Document

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travelling more than once a year? Take as many holidays as you wish and be covered all year long! 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE if you take out the 45 days policy.

from £82.27

Designed for most Individuals, Couples or Families who undertake several trips of up to 120 days within a 12 months period. For people aged up to 79 years!

  • Cancellation or Curtailment - up to £6,000 in total
  • Emergency Medical Expenses - up to £10,000,000 in total
  • Baggage - up to £3,000 in total
Insurance Product Information Document

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Career breaker? Globetrekker? Globelink Insurance offer the budget solution for long stay journeys.

from £73.31

Aimed at under 51 years old backpackers on a tight budget up to a maximum of 18 months. Most adventure sports covered for free.

  • Cancellation or Curtailment - up to £2,000 in total
  • Emergency Medical Expenses - up to £5,000,000 in total
  • Baggage - up to £1,000 in total

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