What's New at Globelink Travel Insurance from October 2017?

10 Oct 2017 by Olga Brighton

Globelink Travel Insurance News

We work hard to continually develop and improve our products and we are particularly appreciative of the loyal, repeat customer base we have established (over 68% buy again). We value each and every customer reviews received and adapt our products to meet your requirements wherever possible - and this year is no exception! Globelink are proud to offer several enhancements on travel insurance policies purchased from 1st of October 2017, so keep reading and find out Globelink travel insurance news and how they could benefit you, or your family and friends.

Annual Multi Trip cover now available for travellers up to age 79 years

Travel insurance for 79 year old

We are delighted to now offer Annual Multi Trip travel insurance to the over 75’s! Stay young at heart and enjoy your senior years exploring the world, while having the peace of mind that all of your trips are covered by one policy. Each trip duration can be up to 60 days for this age group depending on where you travel. 

Longer trip durations on Annual Multi Trip policies for 71-74 years

Customers can now enjoy longer individual trip durations of 45 and 60 days, on our Annual Multi Trip policies for 71-74 years, so you don't need to hurry back from those relaxing breaks and trips seeing friends and family.

Improved сover for the same price!

All Comprehensive and Annual Multi Trip policies now provide:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment cover of £6,000 (up from £4,000)
  • Delayed Departure - Abandonment after 24 hrs of £6,000 (up from £4,000)
  • Legal Expenses cover up to £15,000 (up from £10,000)

Economy, Regular & Globetrekker policies now provide:

  • £2,000 for Cancellation and Curtailment (up from £1,500)
  • Missed Departure cover of £500 (previously £300)
  • Legal Expenses £7,000 (Regular and Globetrekker Standard Plus only)

Winter Sports cover for over 65’s

Travel insurance for over 65 years old

Over 65 and struggling to find Winter Sports travel insurance? Globelink now cover travellers aged up to 70 for winter sports. Find out more about Globelink Winter Sports policy key benefits or get an instant quote.

Winter Sports cover (within Europe) for free on Annual Multi Trip policies for 66-70

We now offer 17 days Winter Sports cover in Europe for free on our Annual Multi Trip policies with a 45 day or more trip duration for travellers between 66-70 years old. Ski equipment hire, piste, avalanche or landslide closure are covered. Get a quote and see the full list of options available.

More pre-existing medical conditions covered as standard

We now cover 50 different pre-existing medical conditions under the normal terms of the policy for no extra charge. Check out the new list of pre-existing medical conditions. There's no need to contact us if all of your pre-existing medical conditions are included on the list and the words in brackets apply to you.

Wider range of adventure activities covered

Adventure holidays

For all those adventure seekers, you’ll be glad to know that Globelink Travel Insurance now cover more adventure activities than ever before. Category 1 and 2 activities are covered for free, while Category 3 and Category 4 include more hazardous pursuits that are covered for an additional charge.

New insurance provider

All of our products and these new enhancements have been brought to you, care of our new insurance partner. We have continued to source our insurance provider within Lloyds, as the world's specialist insurance market - and this year, we selected Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444, managed by Canopius Managing Agents as our new partners.

Any questions? See our website or call/ email us on globelink@globelink.co.uk / +44 (0) 1353 699082.

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