Ultimate List of 300 Realistic Travel Tips Contributed by Travellers

11 Oct 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Generally, people give advice from their own experience. Such tips are the most interesting and valuable. So, we have analysed all useful advice we have received from Globelink Autumn Quiz entries. According to our statistics, these are the most frequently given tips from travellers:

• Do research. Research your destination in advance in order to be prepared. Learn How to Plan a Trip like a Pro and think of the Top 10 Questions Every Traveller Asks Before a Trip.

• Travel light. Don't pack more than the absolute essentials. It is better to roll clothes as it minimizes creasing and free more space. However, always keep one light change of clothes in hand luggage in case of lost luggage. Use these Step by Step Instructions of How to Pack your Bag.

• Keep documents safe. Keep documents (passport, tickets etc.), money and valuables safe. Make copies of all documents. Then if you lose or have any of these items stolen then you have all the information at hand. Where Do You Keep Your Passport?

• Travel insurance. Don't forget to get travel insurance quote in order not to spoil your trip. Compare Travel Insurance Market in 5 Quick Steps.

Finally, the last but not the least, the most important advice is HAVE FUN!

Find out 5 Principles of Fun Travelling Worldwide.

Here is the list of the most realistic tips from travel experts because they are based on traveller’s personal experience:

1. Travel light, everything is almost available everywhere.

travel light

2. Need what you take and only take what you need.

3. Do a little research before you go, so will be prepared in advance with info on places to visit, restaurants & hotels. An hour or so spend before you go will save you hours of messing around whilst on your holiday.

4. Travel around the world in 4 to 6 weeks visiting Indonesia, New Zealand, South America. I would like to discover the beauties of nature avoiding dangerous places

5. Enjoy every day of your trip and soak up the atmosphere where ever you are. View each day as a new experience and treat everyone you meet like you like to be treated yourself. But ensure you never leave without travel insurance. You never know what might happen. Be prepared!

6. Keep your luggage to the minimum.

7.Take copies of important documents, such as your passport, with you when you travel, together with a list detailing any credit / debit cards you are taking. Keep these somewhere other than in your wallet / handbag! If you are then unfortunate enough to lose your purse/ wallet / handbag, you have all the info you need at hand to obtain replacements / put a stop on cards etc.

8. Pack important documents in waterproof packing, in a small tin, in your hand luggage.

9. To maximize available luggage space roll shirts, tops, underwear, etc into tight 'sausage' rolls. As well as maximizing space this will also minimize creasing of the garments.

10. Always carry handheld digital scales and stick within the airline's weight limit. This will ensure a carefree check-in and no worries about being charged for excess baggage.

11. When in airports or foreign countries always be fully aware of your surroundings and never be distracted by situations or people which may put you in danger or give third parties the opportunity to steal your luggage or other property.

12. Travel light, follow the rules of the country, don't get involved in conflicts, enjoy the scenery.

13. Learn PATIENCE

14. Apart from having travel insurance always carry an overnight bag with complete change of clothing in case of delayed bags. Also if travelling by car use an overnight bag for the stays en-route.

15. Build up a collection of clothes, specifically for holidays, which are crease-resistant, lightweight, easily washed and very much "mix and match". Keep them separate from your regular clothing, update as necessary.

16. Don't pack anything you are not prepared to lose and make sure you know how to basin wash.

17. If it is a place you have never been before, take a bit of time to learn a little about the culture before you go as some countries can have very different laws and social norms.

18. Make sure your bank is aware that you are traveling, otherwise they are likely to freeze your account due to fraud prevention and it's awfully expensive to call and sort it out!

19. A holiday, or a business trip, can be easily spoiled by having your important valuables stolen, so reduce them to the bare minimum and hide them away in a money belt or an ankle wallet. Now, here's the trick....carry a second wallet - put in it a couple of old expired credit cards, some loose change and a few low value notes as well as some unimportant receipts to pad it out and make it look genuine. Happy travelling, and stay well insured with Globelink wherever you go.

20. When travelling to foreign cities it is important to be aware of the way the locals dress. I was in Madrid one January wearing a casual bright pink jacket. All the locals were wearing very smart dark coats. I stood out as a tourist and had my bag stolen. I did, however, get the bag back as I realised what was happening and my husband ran after the thief (who had my bag up her jumper). I was very fortunate to get my bag but was very shaken by the whole experience.

21. Always carry a change of clothes, wipes and tissues, and important documents in your hand luggage, in case your luggage is mislaid.

22. Be kind with everyone and (almost) everyone will be kind with you. If you need help, explain very well what you need and, by sure, someone will help you.

23. Get independent car hire insurance, don't pay over the odds for the hire companies own excess insurance.

24. Always pack a few small gifts representing your home town (pens, key rings etc) to give as a thank you to helpful people you meet along the way.

25. Always carry your own hand sanitiser. There will be toilets you go in that you won’t want to use their soap or taps and will want to re-clean your hands after you've opened the door to leave. There would be nothing worse than getting sick at the start of your trip!

26. Look where the locals eat and go there - this ensures the best and best-value food.

27. Never travel without adequate insurance as it's a small cost in comparison to the total cost of a trip and considering the many things that can go wrong it gives peace of mind if they unfortunately do.

28. Always take out holiday insurance with Globelink to ensure peace of mind on your dream holiday.

29. If you are travelling with small children an iPad with loads of age-related apps is a brilliant way of keeping them entertained and can be used easily whatever method of transport you are using!

30. When it comes to eating out, forget guidebooks and follow the locals.

eating out

31. Ziplock bags are your best friend - use them to store toiletries, teabags/sugars you collect, keep travel documents together and stow away dirty laundry.

32. Avoid danger.

33. When travelling to less well developed countries always take a small but powerful torch due to the constant power cuts.

34. I used to be a very shy person and would never have chosen to travel alone but a few years ago, an unforeseen expired passport sent me packing on my own and I had the best experience ever. My most useful travel tip therefore would be to leave your friends and family at home!!!!

35. Hang wrinkled clothes in a steamy bathroom.

36. Get out and about on your own and get off the normal tourist routes to really experience a place.

37. Always take an electric adaptor - one of the multi combinations.

38. Pack your bag full of old clothes then ditch them along the way.That way you can go home with some nice new clothes from a different country:-)

39. When on holiday possibly thousands of miles away don’t try and phone home using your own mobile it costs too much. Instead buy the cheapest mobile you can in resort, get an international sim-card free at most airports and local shops, register it, top it up with local currency, you can then phone home really cheaply.

40. Always smile to officials.

41. Travel to your destination in the early evening. We caught a 5pm Eurotunnel train and travelled all across France to Orange, where we stayed at a B & B. Then spent the next day travelling to Costa Blanca. Less traffic and only felt like we had been travelling for one day instead of two.

42. My most useful trip would be to do everything in duplicate.....hotel / travel details/ car park details etc and if going as a couple for example, each take a copy.

43. After getting Dengue fever in the Philippines last month it would be Always buy travel insurance and always read the customer reviews of the insurer online.

44. Don't leave Kevin home alone!

45. Take a good book (or six).

46. Wear loose clothing and several layers when travelling. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a plane!

47. Read other people experience before you travel.

48. Stuff some pairs of socks inside shoes when you are packing your suitcase - this saves space and also helps your shoes to keep their shape!

49. If you get bitten by an insect and have no cream, use mouthwash!

50. Carry dollars on you, in case you need local currency and they won't exchange it for British pounds.

51. Always arrive at the airport with lots of time to spare - better to be 2 hours early than 2 minutes too late!

52. On long haul flights always wear loose fitting clothing and flat comfortable shoes.

53. Drink plenty of water whilst travelling, to keep you hydrated.

54. Eat and shop where the locals eat and shop.

55. When using the ferry to go to France, it's worth paying the extra ВЈ7 to get priority boarding. You get on first, can find good seats and beat the ques for food and drinks.

56. Buy a Kindle to save the weight of books in your luggage allowance! Take a pashmina as the plane can be cold. Buy all your heavy toiletries after you go through security to save weight in your luggage, and my very favourite is:

57. Always pack a hat - You never really know what the whether is going to be like until it's too late. If you pack a cap you'll be protected against sunstroke - if going somewhere cold pack a woolly hat to keep you warm.

58. Join in with the locals, eat with them, drink with them and travel with them on public transport, you learn so much more.

59. Always be prepared for hot and cold weather! Circumstances can be changeable and a bit of forethought means you will be able to enjoy your trip come what may!

60. Pack your swimming things at the top of your suitcase; if you arrive before check-in time, at least you'll be able to use the pool.

swimming things

61. Take a slow pace, time to absorb, reflect and experience! Walk as much as you can to see the real world.

62. Avoid confrontation, if unavoidable then keep your cool and be as polite as possible.

63. Plan ahead but be prepared to be spontaneous.

64. It is essential to have travel insurance when holidaying abroad.

65. Check your insurance is adequate cover for any existing illnesses.

66. Always check the small print of your travel insurance to see what it actually covers.

67. Make sure you're insured against any problems such as illness.

68. Comfortable shoes and clothes and to know you have good insurance cover so there are no worries.

69. Always try to keep to local hours when you arrive on holiday - try to stay awake the first evening if there is a big time difference to try and get your body to adjust quickly and make the most of your trip

70. Roll clothes as tightly as possible and they will be wrinkle free when you unpack.

71. Keep clothes to a minimum and put cosmetics, shampoo etc in small containers

72. Make sure that one has travel Insurance and be aware of medical emergency procedures in the country visiting.

73. Email to yourself key personal information such as passport details, credit card numbers, insurance details etc. so that they can easily be found through accessing the internet.

74. Always have a photo copy of your papers in your suitcase in case hand luggage stolen.

75. See as many different places as you can whilst you have good health. This time next year you may be too ill to travel!

76. Research your destination, and get copies of maps etc.; make a list and check it twice and relax and enjoy.

77. Take your Kindle to always have your reading.

78. Never leave you luggage unattended and make sure valuable items like laptops and cameras are covered separately if they are not cover in the main policy.

79. Place shirts and trousersindividually in plastic bags that are large enough to hold some air.

80. Make sure you have sufficient health insurance and medication.

81. Speak with local people and avoid big hotels.

82. Do not rely on the opinion of others. Research your itinerary thoroughly.

83. Always wait for a last minute deal.

84. Plan your trip before you leave using a good guide book, - and take it with you.

85. When travelling in company, split your clothing between luggages in case your case goes missing.

86. Don't drink the water or use ice in your drink.

87. When travelling with your wife spread your luggage between cases, if one goes missing you will still have clothes for both.

88. When packing suitcase, do not have "his" and "hers" bags. Divide your clothes, etc. between cases and, if one gets lost, at least you will have a minimum wardrobe until your lost bag arrives or you can get to the shops.

89. Use clear plastic bags inside suitcases/bags for underwear T Shirts pullovers etc., so that you can just pull out easily not have to unpack totally each time.

90. Once fully packed, remove another half - you never (ever) wear it all.

fully packed

91. Always take your own roll or rolls of toilet paper, you never know when it'll come in handy!

92. Always have some Imodium with you!

93. When actually travelling, make sure that passport, credit cards, money and all small valuables are in a very safe place such as a small security bag under your clothes and fastened either around your neck or around your middle. Have a credit card size copy of passport in your wallet as ID so that passport remains in hotel safe.

94. Always take a photocopy of your passport with you, kept separately from the original, so that in the event of losing or having the original stolen you can manage, with the Consul’s assistance, to obtain replacement travel documents and not be too inconvenienced.

95. When you go away, scan and email to yourself a copy of your passport, bank cards, insurance documents, and also the phone numbers of your doctor, dentist, employer and family. If you lose your wallet or are the victim of theft, you will always have access to your essential documents.

96. Always carry a separate photocopy of your passport with you at all times in case the original is lost or stolen.

97. Take a copy of passport/travel documents and keep in your main. Take a copy of your passport/travel documents and keep separately in your luggage.

98. Take the least amount of baggage possible but include small digital camera, iPad/notebook, passport, limited cash, credit card, insurance policy and a copy of important document/card numbers.

99. Research your destination in advance so you don't waste any time when you get there and type out all the places of interest, how to get there etc to take with you.

100. On recent long haul with Air Transat bought the Option Plus pack. Worth every penny, made the trip far more enjoyable. Priority baggage handling, booking in, boarding, champagne, free drinks and meal choice.

101. Always make sure you know how to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ in the language of the country you are visiting.

102. Learn a few words of the local dialect, and be brave enough to use them. It will be appreciated.

103. Pack all toiletries in small, travel sized containers. It saves so much more room in your luggage.

104. Try to travel at off peak times and keep all papers accessible.

105. Well planned organised and good travel insurance and all health checks vaccinations and have first aid kit with you mini kit; find a good reputable travel agent budget try all inclusive as value for money; always use sun protection; stick to bottled water and be careful with raw foods, salads buffets to try to prevent food poisoning; a good tip try some probiotic supplements build up before you go away!

106. Ensure all of your documentation is in order (including travel insurance) prior to starting your journey. Do some homework on the country you are traveling to, so as to ensure you have the correct injections/medications. It is also helpful to check on the local situation to avoid falling foul of its laws and traditions.

107. Take your own light bulb with you. Hotels always put the smallest bulb in so you can never see anything.

108. My wife :)

109. Pack a week before; anything you forget you will not need.

110. Always make sure a bottle of water is from a good source and the safety seal is intact, particularly in restaurants. If you are in any doubt, walk away. It can take many days to recover from a bad bottle of water.

111. My most useful travel tip would be to make sure all your paperwork is in order and your passports have at least 6 months before they expire. If you are visiting the USA make sure you have your up to date estas. If like me you are on oral medication and Insulin make sure you have a letter signed by your doctor to show at the border security or you might start your holiday having to see a doctor. Above all enjoy yourselves and have fun.

112. Decide what you want to do on holiday before you go.

113. Always have your toothbrush, swimsuit and clean knickers in hand luggage in case your case gets lost. It's handy to take your passport and not leave it on the kitchen table too!!!

114. Program your destination into your gps and turn it on when in a taxi. Taxi drivers can't take advantage of going the "long way" when your GPS is saying "turn right" out loud!

115. Travel whilst you can wherever you can - life is too short – enjoy.

116. Always keep your passport and large amounts of cash in a money belt.

117. Buy or save used small plastic containers (under 100ml) to decant toiletries into eg shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, etc. That way you can travel with hand luggage or if you're taking hold baggage it takes up far less room and weight in suitcase. Guage how much needed and double up if necessary.

118. Never travel without full Globelink Travel Insurance!

119. For each country you visit try and learn a few basic words/sentences in the native tongue and you will find the locals really warm to you which adds to your enjoyment, good luck!

120. Take photo copies of your passport (photo page, credit/debit cards, travel documents(e.g. flight tickets) hotel bookings and keep them separate from all your originals whilst travelling. Then if you lose or have any of these items stolen then you have all the information at hand which will make the reporting of the loss so very much easier.

copy of passport

121. If travelling as a couple always split up your clothes between your two cases. That way if one case goes missing you will always have something to wear!

122. Always use toiletries the locals use. They never appear covered in mosquito bites!

123. When visiting countries where food hygiene may be a problem, don't eat uncooked or unpeeled foods. The things that catch most people out are ice and salads. Choose sealed bottles of water and soft drinks, and not the tap water or fonts that serve soft drinks on bars. This is important when mixers are added to spirits. I have found that I have to be strict for the first three days, but relent on salads by the fourth day, when I have acclimatised and enough air and dust-borne bacteria and viruses have washed over my tonsils. This gives immunity to some pathogens. If in doubt, stay strict with your diet.

124. Be prepared, have all your documents in order and accessible make sure your luggage is clearly marked.

125. Try to make your travel fun, especially when with your little one, take things that will keep them amused, to save your ears from getting abused. Making lists are good to do, one for them and one for you, organisation is the key, to try and get from A to B.

126. Always, always take a copy of your passport photo page with you and put it somewhere safe in a bag. If you lose your passport it will save you hours of time if you have that photocopy.

127. Scan your passport and email it to yourself. In the event of losing the real one you have access to all the details.

128. Involve your children in the planning by sharing hotel choices and finding interesting children's books to explain history, culture etc. Worked a treat for our holiday to Crete!

129. Always carry Wet Wipes so you can freshen up at any time.

130. Put some underwear and a spare pair of shorts and t-shirt in your hand luggage, never know whether your case will arrive with you.

131. Always, always have insurance :)

132. Don't break the lock on your suitcase like my husband did, he needed the hotel janitor to open it with bolt cutters haha

133. When packing, as long as you've got your wallet, passport and keys that's all that's important. Anything else you can get there if you need to.

134. Read up on the country you plan to visit.

135. Plan your packing! Before you go, lay out what you think you'll take then put away about half of that as you probably won't wear it (and you can always purchase cheap t-shirts when you are away).

136. Always carry a rain mac!

137. Always take phone cards with you and a travel guide so if your lost you can get some help.

138. Plan your itinerary but be prepared to change it if something interesting comes along. Pack carefully but do not overload. Enjoy yourself.

139. Keep all your travel documents together (tickets passports etc) in a zip pocket inside your jacket. Too many times have I seen people frantically emptying bags to find a missing item - and holding up the queue!

140. Always have a scanned copy of your passport, travellers cheques numbers, insurance etc that you can access by email in casethey get stolen/lost - saves a lot of hassle!

141. Always drink sealed bottle water overseas it cuts down on tummy bugs.

142. Go of the beaten track – it’s amazing what you can find - be brave – it’s worth it!

143. Have fun but stay safe!!!

144. Always take a travel plug, a t-towel and 50% DEET!!

145. Make sure you travel insurance covers you for every eventuality.

146. Take copies of your insurance documents and passport and email them to yourself - if you loose anything you will have a copy at your fingertips in your emails.

147. Find a map of the local train/underground system and take a quick photo of it on your camera/phone. You can zoom in and out. And, if you get lost, you can easily find a local person, zoom in on a destination and point it out to them. Often it’s easier to point to the symbol of where you’re trying to go rather than pronounce the name of your destination.

148. Learn some basic language of the country/countries you're visiting - even just a few words. Not only will it help massively with communication, it will also garner a much more positive response from locals, who are then more likely to open to you and change the course of your travelling experience.

149. Try to read a guide book before going but also a work of fiction based on the area. To get both your imagination and curiosity excited.

150. I'd buy small things, like in shops you can get travel hair dryers/small versions of deodorants and small packets of facial wipes, leaves extra space for clothes or if you want to bring any holiday gifts home, you have the space to pack them.

small things

151. Don’t forget your luggage!

152. Trust your instincts when you are in a dodgey place.

153. Always make sure to pack extra clothes and necessities check every travel detail twice let people know your travel destination and contact details pack your own suitcase set off in plenty of time to avoid travel delays and traffic take plenty of sun cream if it’s hot and drink plenty of bottled water don't forget your first aid kit.

154. Always pack zip-lock bags. They are ideal for packing things tighter, separating wet from dry and managing small items like batteries. I always pack a few bags in a variety of sizes before every trip.

155. Bring old(ish) clothing and throw it away as it's used rather than bringing dirty laundry home. You'll free up lots of space in your suitcase, too!

156. When filling up with fuel in France, warn drivers that if they use a credit card, a maximum amount (for instance, 120) will be taken and the actual amount purchased will be deducted from their account later with up to a week later the original amount being refunded.

157. Relax and don’t stress out over foreign customs.

158. Plan ahead, check your documents and allow plenty of time

159. Respect the country you are in; their laws, their customs and their traditions and you'll make friends for life.

160. Make sure you keep a hand on your possessions when out and about on holiday especially on public transport.

161. Research, research, research! Dom your homework before you go - have an idea of main areas of interest - guidebooks, printouts, etc!

162. Always place a piece of paper with name, address and destination address inside your suitcase for inward and outbound journeys. so easy to trace you if your luggage goes missing.

163. Travel light has enough money and never travel without insurance. Don’t wander in strange places and don’t accept lifts from strangers.

164. Plan everything carefully, travel, accommodation and insurance and give yourself plenty of time. And lastly travel in comfortable clothes and shoes. You should then have a stress free vacation.

165. Always keep cool it’s not worth getting angry.

166. Always research the local culture of wherever you're going so you don't accidentally offend any one.

167. Take a part of vinyl gloves. You can use them to carry water, cover cuts on your hands or to protect your hands, or for medical uses.

168. Do not drink alcohol before flying.

169. Always wear comfy shoes

170. Ensure any valuables you take with you are wrapped inside socks, etc to help prevent damage in your suitcase.

171. Always take a first aid kit with you as medical items can be costly & difficult to understand if not written in English. The kit should include diarrhea tablets, headache tablets, Piriton tablets, calamine lotion etc

172. My travel tip would be when booking a holiday online to check the small print as I didn't and got to the airport where we were told we should have printed our own boarding cards out and as we hadn't it cost us 70 pound for them to print them out for us on checking our paperwork it said in tiny grey writing that we had to do this so always carefully read through the paperwork we won't be making that mistake again.

173. Plan as much as you can ahead and enjoy every moment.

174. Check your passport before going!! =S

175. Carry a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage along with tablets and "essential" items, that way if your luggage gets lost you still have something to wear and all that you need!

176. Dental floss is invaluable as it has a million uses....a washing line, to tie up broken bits and pieces, as sewing thread, as a shoelace and of course to floss your teeth. Amazing!!!

177. Look for alternatives to overpriced sightseeing tours from the hotel. When we visited Cancun, we caught a coach from the main bus station to Chitchen Itza (2 hours away) and back for less than half the price it would have been if we'd taken the other one. Luckily someone had been before and told us.

178. If like me you love tea, always pack tea bags as if you encounter any hitches along the way a god old English brew saves the day!!!!

179. If visiting the city of Granada, the best and cheapest experience is a ride on the Alhambrabus. This minibus route runs from downtown Granada up to the Alhambra Palace. It then takes a breathtaking route at high speed through the twisting, narrow cobbled streets of the Albaicin, the old Moorish quarter. Great fun, and a bargain at only 1.20 euros!

180. To avoid being pick-pocketed, keep your wallet in your front pocket, especially a pocket with a button. Best of all, use the inside pocket of your jacket.being pick-picketed

181. Don't accept the first price quoted.

182. If you want to cruise and don't like flying, take the TGV train to Marseilles and join one of the Italian cruise ships that allow you to embark there. (e.g. MSC, Costa).

183. Never forget to pack mosquito repellent, sun creams and drink lots of water.

184. Always use a safe... Never take all your money with you at once.

185. Learn a few basic sentences before going in case of emergency and also it brings such delight to the people where you are staying that you are trying, to learn their language.

186. Talk to the locals to find the best places to eat and drink.

187. Try the street food in Thailand!

188. Only pack half the things that you originally put in your case, then you can return with wonderful souvenirs of your travel experience - and your case will be much lighter.

189. When travelling with family or friends always pack equal amounts of your cloths and belongings in each case being carried then if one gets lost you have something to get you by until the problem is sorted.

190. Take a few pieces of essential clothing in your hand luggage, some lightweight snacks & some extra cash - JUST IN CASE!!!

191. Always take a book with you....at some point there will be waiting and it helps to pass the time.

192. Always keep in contact with your family.

193. Always take enough warm and cool clothes as well as researching the local cuisine and restaurants.

194. Carry a packet of wet wipes in your hand luggage, they can freshen you up, clear up spills on clothes, and sort out sticky children.

195. Always take a credit card (for you and your partner) even if you don't use one in case of an emergency.

196. Always make a checklist when packing essential documents.

197. Make sure you explore and enjoy the places you travel to.

198. Have travel insurance to know you are covered for every eventuality! I needed it for hospital treatment in Goa!

199. Know the laws about exchanging money and only use official exchange facilities.

200. Find as many offers for visits as you can before you go - plan in advance as some tourist boards post information and offers out but it is always worth getting any as if your plans fall through it gives you more options.

201. When you're backpacking, always pack things into separate carrier bags first - it makes things easier to find, and keeps them dry if your backpack gets wet!

202. Always take items for children to keep them amused plus snacks etc all in a surprise bag.

203. Rather than a package holiday, it’s cheaper and more flexible to organise things yourself.

204. Always get good travel insurance as you never know what might happen & it's not worth the risk of being stranded without it. (My husband got taken ill on holiday & had to be flown home - fortunately we were insured.) & carry all passports and cash in a concealed travellers belt as I was nearly robbed in a dodgy area of Istanbul!

205. Always ensure you are up to date with all your jabs before you go abroad.

206. First make sure you have one of everything you need before you pack multiples.

207. Having sufficient amount of cash in my wallet, and making sure my mobile is fully charged, and packing a change of clothes in my handcarry.

208. Draw up a list of everything you are likely to need. Check it at least twice and when it is time to pack, tick each item off as you pack it or put it in your wallet/bag etc. Refine the list after every journey you make, adding new items that occur to you and always refer to it before you travel again.

209. Enjoy it as much as you can but be safe.

210. Always have bottled water with you.

bottled water

211. Mark your cases with an obvious sign for easy recognition at the carousel. Saves time and embarrassment grabbing cases that are not yours. Even some coloured tape on the handle makes it stand out, or a piece of coloured material tied to the handle.

212. Make two photocopies of your passport identification page, airline tickets, driver's licence and the credit cards that you plan to bring with you. Leave one photocopy of this data with family or friends at home; pack the other in a place separate from where you carry the originals.

213. Travel light! No matter how much you think you'll need them, you're not going to use the 10 different party dresses and 6 pairs of heels. You're just going to regret bringing them once you have to carry them about unused everywhere. Stick to the essentials!

214. Don't go on holiday without doing your research.

215. Whether with family or friends - always stick together.

216. Always be careful of ice cubes abroad as if the water supply could be dangerous then the ice also poses a risk even if the drink itself is clean which could result in illness for you or other members of the travelling party and ruin an otherwise amazing holiday. This is easy to forget especially when you think you are playing it safe by having bottled water or other soft drinks.

217. Always hang on to some of the holiday cash in case of delays on the journey home.

218. Take a fan that you can hold in your hand or clip onto the bedhead, airseat table etc

219. Learn the language; I am not talking about being fluent in the language, but its amazing how much easier things are if you can learn the basics of the language.

220. Don't put your passport in your case; keep it with you ie on your person or in your hand luggage.

221. Wear a money belt.

222. Travel as light as you can and if travelling as a couple always split your money in case of lose or robbery.

223. Always pack Imodium and baby wipes they come in handy for every situation you can have. We have been on many holidays and would not leave the country without them. Antibac gel is always a good one as many people never wash hands, which is never good!!

224. Live your own trip. Do what YOU want to do, not what the guidebook or others suggest you do. Don’t go somewhere you have no interest in just because it’s recommended!

225. Make sure you're insured wherever you roam. That way, at least, you know you'll get home! Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Never chance hunger. Never chance thirst. And if all goes wrong, who cares if you're blamed.

226. Did I mention I really like cats and unicorns and rainbows and if you like i could give you my tumbler its full of cats and unicorns and rainbows yay

227. Be prepared!! always check laws and vaccinations on the country you are intending on travelling to prior to booking your trip

228. When travelling with children to have a bag packed with new goodies, like colouring books, puzzles, small toys they have never played with to keep them entertained.

229. Remember you sun tan lotion as really expensive abroad.

230. Always keep your ticket and passports separate and change some of your money in the UK before departing.

231. In a modern world I would have to go for a mobile phone. Literally a life saving device in a foreign country. With translators, access to your bank at your finger tips, maps if you are lost and of course telephone access for emergencies. There is no better travel companion.

232. Never do the discourtesy of travelling anywhere without having read a little into basic local customs of the place you are visiting. It is really just a little rude and making even a little effort will make your experience of wherever you travel to far more enjoyable.

233. Learn to travel light, with a capsule wardrobe. The more clothes you take the less you will wear and bring home unworn.

234. To beat fatigue on a long trip i always carry fluffy socks and a shawl, and then i can rest in comfort.

235. Ensure you are insured.

236. Eat where the locals eat, it's cheaper!

237. Choose your companion/s wisely

238. Always dress for comfort.

239. Always take insurance out to protect yourself and anyone you are travelling with in case any emergency should arise you know you are secured.

240. Relax, enjoy yourself, engage with the locals and do not be afraid to try different experiences.

relax and enjoy

241. To be open minded and enjoy every experience that you have the opportunity to taste. A holiday is what you make it.

242. Make sure you have some small denomination cash handy for airport transfers / refreshments on arrival

243. It is far better to get to an airport too early, where you can relax get a drink, shopping or do some reading, than rushing or even miss a flight because of road hold ups or journey delays.

244. Don't waste money on the suitcases. Take a backpack as hand luggage, and put your clothes into it. Saves money.

245. Always drink bottled water!!! ALWAYS!!Health first!

246. In hot climates always were cool clothes and a hat of some sort.

247. Pack lightly and effectively - you can usually take clothes to laundry or was in sink if really needed.

248. When you are exploring a new city, throw away the guide book. Use your common sense and enjoy the city as the locals do.

249. Enjoy travelling with just your partner, leave the kids at home!!

250. Always be prepared for sickness, have medicine with you.

251. Always buy a bottle of water at the airport before getting on a transfer coach. The long flight can dehydrate you and it maybe a while before you reach the hotel always research where you are going to be going, check on website and read reviews, trip advisor is always good. I also tend to go places others have been so i know its good.

252. Antibacterial wipes - so handy and could save you from many germs and illnesses.

253. My most is to check your Suitcases! They may have been stuffed in the loft for most of the year so god knows what’s happened to them, there's nothing worse than pulling around a suitcase with a broken wheel or worst still....with 2 broken wheels ****sigh****

254. Always wear your most comfortable clothing.

255. Check reviews on hotels and holidays before you book.

256. Take cash on a pre-paid travel debit card loaded with enough cash for your trip.

257. Travel light - heavy objects in coat pockets not bags.

258. Always try to establish where the locals go to dine out. I can not think of any occasion when the quality of food, service and the atmoshere has not been incredible. Even when travelling with the children the locals are so welcoming and generous.

259. Research weather and climate to decide which time of year to visit.

260. Keep the emergency numbers in your wallet.

261. Also, you get to leave the boat first so save another 10 mins on arrival. In addition, if you're late for your own ferry, they'll put you on the next one that's about to leave.

262. Pack light. You can always buy additional clothes when you get to your destination.

263. My top tip would be having health insurance and taking a first aid kit. As a nurse and from my own experience accidents can happen at home and abroad, so be prepared!

264. Pack some old clothes you wouldn't mind leaving behind. This will make room in your suitcase for souvenirs!

265. Keep $50 in a secret place for emergencies.

266. Always pack spare under

267. Learn a little of the language, it makes things ever so much easier and the local are always pleased that you've made the effort

268. As long as you have money and your passport, never worry that you have forgotten anything. Everything else you can buy!

269. Give yourself plenty of time so that you can start relaxed and enjoy from start to end

270. Take a few essentials (change of clothes, small toothpaste...) in your hand luggage in case your luggage gets delayed and a copy of all important documents.

a few essentials

271. Make sure your suitcase is strong enough to withstand all the knocks, bumps and mishandling that accompanies travel today.

272. If travelling with others always pack a mixture of your own and your travelling partner's clothes in each suitcase.

273. To keep well hydrated on long haul flights and to keep mobile.

274. Use a small shoulder bag to carry your personal items in - it can be worn under a coat to minimise the risk of pickpockets and you are always aware of who is near it unlike a backpack.

275. Dress comfortably on long haul flights, take off your shoes and wear fluffy bed socks on the plane.

276. Always make sure you have insurance to cover an event! There is nothing worse than thinking you're covered and you're not. Paying a little extra is a must for peace of mind

277. Try and avoid wearing a belt with any metal when you are flying anywhere (especially if you have lots of flights), you will end up having to take it off every time you go through security and depending how loose your trousers are, they might fall down!


279. Always rent a car so you can visit as many places as possible.

280. Always make sure you hydrated during travel. It makes a huge difference if you are hydrated.

281. Look at how the locals interact with each other and try to respect this approach without falsely mimicking it. You'll be more welcome and will get far more from the visit!

282. Always pack a change of clothes, and any medication in your hand luggage, so if you lose your luggage you'll still have something to wear.

283. Pack and wear clothes in a fabric less likely to crease.

284. When travelling with children have lots of little toys, games and snacks they have never seen before ready and waiting for those moments when travelling becomes too much for little ones.

285. Use travel planning websites.

286. Leave a copy of your itinerary with your parents or friends.

287. Learn everything you can while you are there.

288. Eat where locals eat.

289. Take pictures but also remember to enjoy everything with your own eyes.

290. Try national cuisine.

291. Live in guest houses to see how locals live.

292. Drink plenty of water and adjust to your new time zone as soon as you take your seat.

293. Most of all enjoy it and make the most of every moment.

294. Always pack at least one full change of clothes in your hand luggage.

295. Drink plenty of non alcoholic drinks and do the leg exercises recommended in the plane.

296. Book a seat over the wing on the aircraft as it is the seat where you feel less motion especially if there is turbulence!

297. Every country in the world uses shampoo, conditioner and sun block; don’t take "Stuff."

298. Have travel plans.

299. The less you have the less you have to worry about losing.

300. The essentials will allow you to enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

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