Top 10 Questions Every Traveller Asks Before a Trip

29 Aug 2012 by Olga Brighton

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9 out of 10 people will are likely ask someone else’s opinion and ask about his/her experience before they try it themselves. We usually ask people’s opinion because we want to avoid making the same mistakes and to avoid unpleasant situations. Therefore, we have decided to compile the following top 10 Questions Every Traveller Asks.

1.What is the Best Time to Go There?

first impressions

It is a good question because not all places are beautiful in all seasons. Some countries are the best to visit in summer, others - in autumn, winter or spring. First impressions are important and it is useful to know what the best time is to travel to certain places.

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2.What Items Should I Take on My Trip?

It is important to be prepared for various situations that are waiting for you on your trip. So, it would be a good idea to consider comfortable clothes, appropriate behaviour, and necessary equipment. Here are useful tips on how to pack your backpack smart in order to take all you need.

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3.What National Food Should I Try?

national dishes

It is obvious that we want to try something new when getting to know a new culture. It is always good to read food blogs and decide which national dishes you would like to taste.

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4.Is it Safe to Travel to This Place by Myself?

This question is really important, especially for women. Certainly, it is safer to travel with a group of people, with a good companion or with your family. But sometimes there are reasons why this is not possible. But that doesn’t mean that you should refuse to travel alone. Find out what the benefits are when travelling alone.

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5.What Travel Insurance Plan to Buy?

In order to stay safe and not to spoil the trip we usually buy travel insurance. The thing is to find the right plan that suits your requirements and would be cheap. To find the right policy on travel insurance read these tips. Besides, here are the answers if you have any questions about travel insurance.

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6.What Places Should I Visit There?

research before a trip

It is natural that we should do some research before a trip, which places and popular sights and museums we should visit, places to stay, local culture, where to eat. Some people make a list of places they want to visit. Some people make a to-do list including a list of places where to go, where to eat, things what to do at night, what I can do for free etc.

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7.How to Travel for Free around the World?

Most travellers want to know the best way to safe money. That is why we should find out about the best travel deals, discounts, coupons and so on. There are many people, especially young, who are interested in travelling for free or at least cheaper. Here are 5 Opportunities for Free Travel around the World.

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8.What Documents do I Need to Carry with Me when I Travel?


You need to have your passport and several copies of it. Make sure to keep the copy of your passport in a safe place. Every year British consulates in the south of Europe have to deal with 6,000 cases of lost or stolen passports. A lost passport is much more than inconvenience. Watch the video with advice for tourists on how to take care of your passport whilst travelling.

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9.What is the Best Trip for a Family?

There are plenty of questions about the best family deals, the best place to go with a family that would be enjoyable for all family members. Parents always look for deals that include different kinds of activities where kids can learn new life skills and that would spark their curiosity. Here is a list of things to consider when travelling as a family.

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10.What Else Should I Know Before I Travel?

travel secrets

There are other frequently asked questions travellers ask before starting a trip. Such questions are: How much cash do I need to take, and in what currency? When is the cheapest day to book a flight? Here you can find some small travel secrets.

It’s always wise to take precautions before you go on a trip, but don’t let others influence your opinion when asking in advance about the place where you are planning to visit. People are similar but we all enjoy different things. So, go and experience it for yourself!

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