10 Most Shareable Globelink Travel Articles in 20 Years

14 Apr 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Everytime we publish an article on our blog, we hope it will be a big hit with our adventurous readers. However there are always some articles performing better than others. In honour of Globelink's 20th Anniversary we compiled a list of ten most shareable travel articles which have been posted since we launched our blog. Happy reading!

1. Don't Do These 18 Things Abroad

don't do these things abroad

Each country has its own laws, traditions and customs. No matter how strange you may find them its best to be aware of what is considered ill manner, taboo, or a crime abroad. For example, did you know that it is obligatory to leave tip in the USA, while in Japan such act would be treated as an offence? Find out more common mistakes tourists make and don't do these 18 things whilst abroad.

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2. Top 5 Luxury Scuba Diving Resorts

luxury diving resorts

Almost anyone can do scuba diving, even kids over 10 in most areas. However, proper training is essential to ensure your safety, and your enjoyment. If you are considering taking up scuba diving as a recreational activity, you need to know where the most luxurious places are to try it. So check out this list of top 5 most luxurious scuba diving resorts.

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3. Step-By-Step Instruction of How to Pack Your Bag

how to pack your bag

As St Augustine put it, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. To read the whole story this world offers one should get some knowledge prior to travelling. In particular, you won't travel far with a huge and heavy suitcase. Experience comes with practice, and once you start using packing tips you'll choose the best ones and adapt the rest according to your preferences.

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4. Top Tips About Baggage Cover on Your Travel Insurance

baggage travel insurance

Baggage cover is an important element of your travel insurance policy. Whether travelling light with just hand luggage, or utilising your maximum baggage allowance with your new holiday wardrobe, you should ensure that you have the right level of cover from your travel insurance policy.

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5. Stunning Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey Filming Locations

game of thrones and downton abbey locations

Everyone watches TV shows and dramas. Some of them are quite ordinary while others can catapult us into new worlds with beautiful costumes, ancient traditions and amazing locations which are hard to forget. How about getting to visit these places in a real life? Read this article about stunning Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey filming locations and get ready for more exciting travels to come.

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6. 5 Stereotypes You'll Dispel After Travelling to Ukraine

ukraine travel

Stereotypes are inevitable when thinking of foreign countries, especially if we think of largely unexplored countries like Ukraine. Taking a trip to this beautiful and diverse country will break these 5 most common stereotypes about Ukraine and its nationals.

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7. Oktoberfest Munich 2015: Ultimate Guide

oktoberfest guide

Did you know that Albert Einstein once worked as an electrician on Oktoberfest and helped to set up tents in 1896? This and other exciting facts along with the origin, dates, prices and types of entertainment are highlighted in this ultimate guide to world's greatest beer festival.

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8. Transport in France: How to Get Around

france transport means

France's transportation network is considered one of the most comprehensive in the world with almost 150 km of road and 6 km of rail lines per 100 sq km. Hence it is no surprise that sometimes it is difficult to find the way to your desired destination. This article will help you learn the important basics of French transport so you can easily get around the country.

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9. Top 10 Best Beach Destinations in Europe

beach destinations

Europe is always revered for its history, with castles, churches and museums often at the top of visitors list of list of must-do sites. However, the region also has its share of great beaches. This article offers you a list of the most incredible European beaches from family-friendly El Palo in Malaga to the popular with celebrities Paloma Beach in Nice.

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10. The 3 Safest Countries to Visit in Europe in 2016

europe safest countries

Europe is one of the go-to top travel destinations for travellers worldwide. With its varied landscapes, history, spectrum of cultural diversity and veritable cornucopia of sightseeing options, Europe has something for everyone. With safety also becoming a key feature on the travellers agenda, we've compiled a list of the three safest countries in Europe for you to enjoy the sights with a complete peace of mind.

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