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09 Sep 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

What are the most important facts for a successful traveller? Right, it's the information he has before leaving on a trip. We are pleased to present you a list of posts written specially for our valued readers and have selected the best of the best for you from a range of total views! This article contains short reviews about what information you can find by reading our most popular travel and travel insurance posts.

1. Top 10 Travel Insurance Myths and Truth

Myths and Truths

There are many things we believe are truth because we hear people talking about them all around. However, where is the guarantee that you can trust another person’s word? For example, everybody thinks that EHIC card will cover you for all medical costs when travelling to Europe. Unfortunately, the EHIC Card is not a substitute for travel insurance as it will not cover 100% of your medical bills or repatriation costs, events such as delays, cancellations, lost luggage etc. So, imagine yourself in the situation when your flight (to say the truth it happens often nowadays) is cancelled and you don’t have travel insurance. So, your trip is in trouble and nobody is going to compensate you. We are sure you will agree that this would be an awful. In order not to be misled and misinformed, we offer you information about top 10 travel insurance Myths and Truth from reliable sources.

2. 5 Opportunities for Free Travel Around the World

Everybody likes to save money while travelling, that’s why people look for some discounts, coupons, special offers etc. But not many people know that there are opportunities to travel around the world without spending any money at all. One of our blog writers, who is an experienced traveler, has decided to share 5 ways how to travel the world for free or in some cases very cheap.

3. Top 10 Questions About Travel Insurance

questions about travel insurance

Every day we are asked a number of questions by customers about travel insurance. They are quite different starting from the simplest (Am I covered for Emergency Repatriation?) ending with more complicated (Why do I need travel insurance if I am only travelling within Europe?). We have decided to select top 10 most essential questions answered by our experts. We hope they will be helpful in arranging your travel insurance policy.

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4. Top 10 Travel Movies – A Unique Approach

There are 2 things in the world all people enjoy without exception: travel and movies. You will enjoy them much more if we bring them together to have travel movies. Travel is a subject that feature filmmakers just can’t pass by. Nor could we overlook this inspiring subject. So this article will give you a good feel for your future travels. You may select a movie to watch easily as it covers the information about the country, cities and useful details for you to consider. Have fun reading our post, watching travel movies and best of all travelling!

5. TOP Travel SECRETS Revealed!

Travel Secrets

Everyone likes to discover secrets and enjoy sharing them as much as they can. Secrets can be a valuable way to help you to receive discounts and other benefits. For travellers, there are many secrets from other people who have experienced various things and provided some specific details that may help avoid troubles, save money, stay safe and so on. For example, do you know when the cheapest day to fly is? Why you shouldn’t use online booking agents? What is the most exciting way to learn about a city? Answers on these questions and many more secrets read our article Top Travel SECRETS Revealed!

6. Ultimate List of Android Travel Apps

Nowadays travelling is becoming easier with the emergence of new techniques and devices. So we have created a list of useful Android travel apps in order to prepare you for next trip. There are applications to check weather, to book a hotel room, to find the best café and restaurant, translate, currency exchange applications etc. We offer you a description of several different variations of one application, so that you could select the one that suits you best.

7. Best 5 Tips and Advice for Globetrekkers

Travel App

This article is popular among backpackers and globetrekkers who plan their trips in advance and consider different weather conditions and facilities. Best 5 Tips and Advice for Globetrekkers will help you to select the best destination for trekking, help you to pack your backpack sensibly, the best things to take with you, find a good companion and to select the best travel insurance policy.

8. How to Not Get Robbed While Travelling

One of the worst things in the life is to be robbed. It doesn’t matter whether it is house robbery or robbery while travelling. We know those who have had such a horrible experience and will do all they can to stop it happening again. Did you know that when it comes to safety when travelling, appearance and behaviour are the most important things to bear in mind? This post will help you to learn how you should dress, behave and speak in order to remain safe.

9. Top 10 Questions Every Traveller Asks Before a Trip

Have you ever noticed that people who are planning a trip, ask pretty much the same questions? We have gathered 10 frequently asked questions about travel and tried to give the most detailed answers that could help you search for what you need.

10. Essential Tips While Travelling to Italy

Crowds in Rome

Italy is a one of the most beautiful European countries. However, tourists know that it is as beautiful as dangerous. In order to avoid travel troubles in Italy, our writers made up a list of essential tips while travelling to Italy.

If you have any advice for us about articles for our blog, or tips for other travellers that you think will find interest our followers, we would be glad to consider your suggestions.

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