Top 10 Globelink Articles to Read for a Worry-Free Trip

08 Sep 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Helping people to have a good time whilst travelling is what we at Globelink International love doing the most. Every article is aimed at making travelling easier, cheaper, more affordable and pleasant. And here is the collection of the most helpful ones to guarantee your worry-free trip.

8 Websites that Make Travelling Easier

Trip Advisor

For some people, travelling is a passion and a lifestyle, and for others it is work and business. While the former enjoy their trips, the latter do everything to create and develop multiple services that are helpful and convenient for frequent travellers. Have a look at 8 websites that are aimed at making travellers’ lives better and easier.

10 Surprising Items You Can’t Take on a Plane

There were times when you could pack almost anything into your carry on but nowadays airlines have far stricter criteria on what can be taken on-board. Of course, guns and knives are the most obvious to be prohibited. However, there are other surprising things that can also be considered threatening by the airport security.

All You Need to Know About Booking Tickets

Book a Ticket

Despite the crazy amount of advice on the best time and place to book a flight, the question of when and where to book remains unanswered. It is wise to pay attention to every detail that might influence your booking price and value.

Top 8 Time Saving Tips for Your Holiday Trip

Time is especially precious when you are travelling. Tedious flights, long lines and hectic crowds all this keep you away from your real holiday. But don’t get discouraged, there are ways to avoid these little annoyances and save more time for your vacation.

6 Ways to Make Your Flight Better

Better Flight

If you are among the majority of travellers who can’t afford to fly First Class, you probably know about all the annoyances of an Economy Class flight all too well. And here are 6 tips that can help you turn your Economy Class flight into a relaxing and comfy experience.

Delayed or Lost Airport Luggage: What You Should Do

Once you have your luggage checked in, the airline bears responsibility for its safety and well-timed delivery. In fact, approximately 5% of the airplane ticket cost is the insurance fare. Here are 10 tips to prevent lost baggage and 8 things to do if it still gets lost.

How to Avoid 10 Most Common Travel Safety Mishaps

Avoid Mishaps

Travelling is fun but there will always be risks, like getting lost in a crowded tourist spot. You can lessen these risks by following these tips on how to avoid the ten most common travel safety mishaps.

FCO Advice - Staying Safe Abroad

Annually, British residents take thousands of trips to work, live, study or spend vacations in foreign countries. Most visits are safe and sound but at times there are also difficult situations occurring to British nationals and only then they realise they don’t know much about their rights.

Do Not Panic: What to Do if You Become a Crime Victim Abroad

Don't Panic

Luckily, most travellers’ visits abroad are worry-free and safe. However, sometimes one may become a victim of a crime whilst being abroad and that is something you are never ready to deal with. To be prepared and avoid despair in a difficult situation, read on for what the Foreign Commonwealth Office can do to help you.

Travel Expectations vs. Reality

The best way to escape from the hum-drum of our daily lives and temporarily forget about reality is traveling. Unfortunately, there are a number of circumstances that can turn your dream holiday into a nightmare and our inevitably high expectations can make the situation seem a lot worse.

Keep reading Globelink blog to be well aware of everything a true traveller should know.

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